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What Makes the Game King Interesting on Our Site?

Comfortable Interface

Clearly written rules and a personalized customizable menu will help you easily and quickly understand the game, even if you've heard about King for the first time!

Play with Real People

Play with both the computer and real opponents. Invite your friends and acquaintances to have an enjoyable time together.

Excellent Design

You will feel very comfortable playing because the color scheme is chosen to allow playing for extended periods without straining your eyes.

Play Like in Reality!

Online King will feel like the real thing for you. No ads. No registration required to play with the computer (robot) or download additional programs. Play with friends or strangers.

The card game King can be considered one of the variations of Preferans. This entertainment is multi-stage, as is characteristic of its predecessor, but the rules of King are much simpler. Having thoroughly studied the provisions of the game, you can move on to mastering classic Preferans.


Currently, King is widely popular in the territories of the former Soviet Union. It first appeared in the nineteenth century in England. There is a presumption that its predecessor was the French Preferans - reversis.

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Originally, the word "king" referred to a group of Preferans games. These games were united by the fact that the French invented them, and their rules are similar to the basic provisions of reversis. Later, this name passed on to one of the variations of Preferans.

So why is the game called that? The most important card in the game is the king of hearts, called the king. By the way, "king" translates from English as "king." The gamer who owns this card receives sixteen points to their game score. But this game also has another name: sometimes it is called the women's Preferans due to simplified rules.

In the post-Soviet countries, King appeared relatively recently, in the mid-twentieth century. Significant changes were made to its rules here, so today it is significantly different from the initial version and is no less popular than such entertainments as blackjack or poker.


In the classic version, three to four players participate in the match. The gamer who starts the round is determined randomly. For the match, participants need a deck of 32 cards, the youngest of which is 7, and the oldest is the Ace. If four gamers are involved, each receives eight cards, and if three - ten, with two sevens (clubs and spades) being removed from the deck.

The match is divided into three main stages:

  • first - penalty round;
  • second - replay;
  • third - summarizing. In online King, this happens automatically, making it easier for players.

Stages of Online King Game

At the first stage, 7 or 6 deals (rounds) are made, depending on the set parameters. Each deal has its conditions, making the match even more exciting. The player must meet specific requirements, not take certain cards. For the penalty round, these are:

  • 1 round - not to take any tricks;
  • 2 rounds - not to take cards of hearts suit;
  • 3 rounds - not to take jacks. "Jacks" here refer to the jacks;
  • 4 rounds - not to take queens. "Queens" in this case are the queens;
  • 5 rounds - not to take the King, i.e., the king of hearts;
  • 6 rounds - not to take the last 2 tricks;
  • 7 rounds - Eralash. Here, all restrictions from previous rounds come into play.

During the replay in the King game, these tasks change to the opposite. That is, on the contrary, you need to take everything that was prohibited during the penalty period. There are no trumps in the game. Players must play in suit, if the required suit is absent - discard unnecessary cards.

During the second stage in the King game, players can order a trump suit. And they have the opportunity to play with the final Eralash deal or without it.

Free Game on Our Site

You don't need pre-registration and payment to play King on our site - you can play for free without providing personal information. But if you become our regular visitor, we recommend going through the registration process. It won't take much time, but lots of benefits and new opportunities are guaranteed. You can check the online King rules anytime using the corresponding button. Free play will not only bring pleasure but also save your funds intact.

We also recommend that you definitely play with a real partner; our site allows you to do this. Just leave an application, and your virtual opponent will respond to you shortly.